Autominera SAS is a company of the business organization Grupo Saavedra, which was created with the objective of providing its customers with alternative supply options to the original equipment - OEM, mechanical components and engineering solutions; generating savings in acquisition costs, guaranteeing reliability in the operation of equipment and efficiency of production processes.


Guarantee the continuous movement of mining equipment and industrial process of our customers, through the supply of high quality mechanical components and engineering solutions, generating savings and reliability in the operation.


Our Stamps and Certifications:


Obtain in 2023 the recognition by our clients as strategic allies of their operation, generating: cordial and lasting business relationships, a happy work environment for our employees and a profitable business for our shareholders. 



Certified in Social Responsability

Certificate No. CO13 / 5210.05 Marketing of auto parts and spare parts for the mining industry

Quality politics:

Provide solutions to the needs of our customers through the commercialization of quality automotive and industrial parts, supported by a qualified human resource and technological infrastructure, generating business sustainability and continuous process improvement, allowing the following objectives to be achieved:


- Deliveries on time

- Complete orders